Investment Advisory

Investment Advisory

Government Aid

We help nations and corporations in securing the funding from participating countries and non-government organizations. Our clients leverage our network to get right funding.

Strategy Development: Market entry, market exit, turnaround, Innovation

Operations Improvement: Cost Reduction, Lean six-sigma, quality improvement

Capital Investment

We connect investors across the globe with the right funding opportunities that mature into win-win deals. The capital investment services form a natural extension of our consulting assignments.

Equity Investment: Round A, B, and C funding

Takeover: sale/purchase of a healthcare entity

Financial debt: Institutional debt funding

Global Joint Ventures

The right partnerships share resources like finances, technical knowledge, human capital and complementary skills. We support global JVs to outperform and achieve more as a team.

Revenue/cost sharing JVs

Mergers and Acquisitions

Debt/equity based partnerships

Business Case Development

Our business professionals help in developing business cases for the case in point. These business cases are used to make executive decisions, apply for financial assistance, and sell the idea.

Feasibility study

Forecast and revenue estimation

Idea valuations and investment strategy

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