Strategy And Operations

Our experienced professionals have facilitated governments and corporation in developing long-term effective strategies, reduce cost of care, improve quality of care, and run sustainable health systems.

Strategy Development: Market entry, market exit, turnaround, Innovation, change management

Operations Improvement: Cost Reduction, Lean six-sigma, quality improvement

Insights and Analytics

Patient Health Data is deriving the decision making in multiple spaces. We enable organizations in leveraging evidence based decision making to deliver intended end-results.

Insights: Health data reporting, live dashboards, insight publication

Analytics: Big Data Analytics, machine learning, data privacy, data aggregation

Digital Health

As technology is influencing every sphere of life, our digital health team endeavours to provide the latest tech solutions to our clients. The future of health is digital, and we are ready for it.

Health IT infrastructure: Electronic records, blockchain, interoperability

Virtual health: Tele-medicine, wearable technology, e-health

Automation: Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process

Care System Redesign

Universal healthcare is the goal every nation is striving to achieve. We re-shape the care systems, making them feasible for the universal access to the quality healthcare.

Public Health Insurance Design

Primary, secondary, tertiary care system design

Healthcare funding and payment reforms

Investment Advisory

Government Aid

We help nations and corporations in securing the funding from participating countries and non-government organizations. Our clients leverage our network to get right funding.

Strategy Development: Market entry, market exit, turnaround, Innovation

Operations Improvement: Cost Reduction, Lean six-sigma, quality improvement

Capital Investment

We connect investors across the globe with the right funding opportunities that mature into win-win deals. The capital investment services form a natural extension of our consulting assignments.

Equity Investment: Round A, B, and C funding

Takeover: sale/purchase of a healthcare entity

Financial debt: Institutional debt funding

Global Joint Ventures

The right partnerships share resources like finances, technical knowledge, human capital and complementary skills. We support global JVs to outperform and achieve more as a team.

Revenue/cost sharing JVs

Mergers and Acquisitions

Debt/equity based partnerships

Business Case Development

Our business professionals help in developing business cases for the case in point. These business cases are used to make executive decisions, apply for financial assistance, and sell the idea.

Feasibility study

Forecast and revenue estimation

Idea valuations and investment strategy

Program Management

Surgical & Medical Management

Our team of doctors would fly-in and out of the managed center to operate, manage, and follow-up with the patients undergoing surgeries and complex medical interventions. Our programs insulate the clients from drug shortage shocks.

Renal transplants
Gastrointestinal surgeries
Uro surgeries
Cardiothoracic surgeries

Healthcare IT

We have team to help healthcare organizations to re-evaluate their existing systems and adopt the necessary changes to upgrade these systems for building new business capabilities.

Hospital Management Systems
Laboratory Management Systems
Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS)


We have trained clinical staff including physicians, nurses, and paramedics that run efficient dialysis centers catering to the needs of a chronic care population.

Peritoneal Dialysis
Dialysis Access Management
Nocturnal Dialysis

Diagnostic Labs

With the support of local and global investors, we help the governments and healthcare providers in providing adequate diagnostic capabilities in their regions, improving the access to timely healthcare.

Radio-diagnostics: X-ray, Ultrasound, CT, MRI, Mammography

Path Labs: blood work, urine cultures, biopsies, histopathology, microbiology

Cardiac: ECG, TMT, Echo

Procurement and Supply Chain


Our pharmacy service offers a full range of quality products supported by supply chain expertise. Our scale of volume supports the best prices and wide variety of products.

Pharmacy Services: Common injectable and oral drugs

Pharmacy Specialties: Specialized drugs including biologics for oncology, immunology and vaccines

Clinical Materials

Our materials management portfolio offers the most comprehensive range of clinical products. In the long run, we also provide the ancillary support services for these products.

Medical surgical products used in: Critical care, Operating rooms, Ambulatory care

Clinically-complex products including: Endoscopy, Cardiac specialties, Hemodialysis, Contrast media, Endourology

Support Services

We offer a wide range of products and services for hospital hospitality, offices, cafeterias and patient wards. We understand the nuances of healthcare specific to the support services.

Nutrition and Food Services including: Food products, Beverages, Delivery equipment

Administrative, housekeeping and facility maintenance products including: Office supplies and Cleaning products

Capital Equipment

We facilitate financing and secure the best price procurement services for medical equipment. Our team works with the client to develop a perfect strategy for making high value investments in equipment.

Durable medical equipment including: Diagnostic imaging, Dialysis machines, Hospital beds

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