Diagnostic Labs


Surgical & Medical Management

Our team of doctors would fly-in and out of the managed center to operate, manage, and follow-up with the patients undergoing surgeries and complex medical interventions. Our programs insulate the clients from drug shortage

Renal transplants
Gastrointestinal surgeries
Uro surgeries
Cardiothoracic surgeries

Healthcare IT

We have team to help healthcare organizations to re-evaluate their existing systems and adopt the necessary changes to upgrade these systems for building new business capabilities.

Hospital Management Systems
Laboratory Management Systems
Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS)


We have trained clinical staff including physicians, nurses, and paramedics that run efficient dialysis centers catering to the needs of a chronic care population.

Peritoneal Dialysis
Dialysis Access Management
Nocturnal Dialysis

Diagnostic Labs

With the support of local and global investors, we help the governments and healthcare providers in providing adequate diagnostic capabilities in their regions, improving the access to timely healthcare.

Radio-diagnostics: X-ray, Ultrasound, CT, MRI, Mammography

Path Labs: blood work, urine cultures, biopsies, histopathology, microbiology

Cardiac: ECG, TMT, Echo

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