Procurement and Supply Chain

Procurement and Supply Chain


Our pharmacy service offers a full range of quality products supported by supply chain expertise. Our scale of volume supports the best prices and wide variety of products.

Pharmacy Services: Common injectable and oral drugs

Pharmacy Specialties: Specialized drugs including biologics for oncology, immunology and vaccines

Clinical Materials

Our materials management portfolio offers the most comprehensive range of clinical products. In the long run, we also provide the ancillary support services for these products.

Medical surgical products used in: Critical care, Operating rooms, Ambulatory care

Clinically-complex products including: Endoscopy, Cardiac specialties, Hemodialysis, Contrast media, Endourology

Support Services

We offer a wide range of products and services for hospital hospitality, offices, cafeterias and patient wards. We understand the nuances of healthcare specific to the support services.

Nutrition and Food Services including: Food products, Beverages, Delivery equipment

Administrative, housekeeping and facility maintenance products including: Office supplies and Cleaning products

Capital Equipment

We facilitate financing and secure the best price procurement services for medical equipment. Our team works with the client to develop a perfect strategy for making high value investments in equipment.

Durable medical equipment including: Diagnostic imaging, Dialysis machines, Hospital beds

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